Youtuber Mr. Beast is making a real difference

You know him from videos such as these:

But it’s not all just eating $100,000 ice cream, and giving bundles of cash and Lamborghinis, Two years ago, he planted 20 million trees with #teamtrees.

Now, he’s launched #teamseas. Along with hundreds of other creators, Mr. beasts wants to remove 30 million pounds of rubbish from the ocean.

With cutting-edge river interceptors, locally- organised cleanups, and professional expeditions, #teamseas will be one of the biggest, most-impactful cleanup projects of all time.

Mr. Beast launched #teamseas with a video where he cleaned the dirtiest beach in the world

Every dollar is one less pound (or approximately half a kilo) of rubbish in the ocean. Go to teamseas to join in making a difference. Every little bit counts!

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