Yeah, NahM8: Adam Halley-Prinable’s Colourful Career

57 Harris Street. Photo by Adam Halley-Prinable.

Game developer, blogger, musician – now commissioned street artist, Adam Halley-Prinable a.k.a. NahM8 has had a vibrant and colourful life. A trip overseas immersing himself in art, a short street art course – and finally, the announcement of a pandemic, Adam now brings colour back to the streets one garage at a time. And he gets paid for it!

“What I do is I try to bring curiosity through colour to people,” he says.

“You don’t have to go to some fancy art gallery to become entranced by something”.

Adam’s solo operation has gone from strength to strength throughout Covid-19, with social media proving itself to be the perfect combination of platform and promoter. It began when he posted his work to Reddit, then Instagram, then word-of mouth, with people “coming out of the woodwork” to pay for Adam’s artistic services.

“It all just kind of happened, and I seem to have stumbled into this really fantastic situation,” he says.

Demand for Adam is showing no signs of slowing down, with an ever-growing list of clients keen to colour their home or business with his rich and dazzling designs, and it’s easy to see why – however Adam remains humble about both his success and his talent.

“If I can pay the rent and eat, and people like what I make, then that’s pretty much it,” he says.

“If I like what I make and they like what I make, then I’ve done it. And I’m doing it, and it feels great!”

Catch Adam’s full story on Episode 5 of Crushin’ It:

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