Woolies are Chasin’ Paper – From Your Pocket, For The Environment!

Remember last year when there was a huge supermarket movement to abolish the plastic bag for reusable plastic bags? You probably remember it better than you remember to take your reusable bags with you.

Woolworths, due to popular demand, have decided to take this a step further by trialling brown paper bags at 21 stores across Australia.

Woolworths are trialling paper bags at 21 of their stores across Australia after popular demand. Credit: insideFMCG

The introduction comes at a cost to the consumer, increasing the price of the reusable bag from 15c to 20c, giving you an added incentive to remember to grab them from whatever drawer in your kitchen you’ve managed to shove them in before you head to your next shop.

Like with the plastic reusable bags, Woolies have taken the first step in becoming more sustainable for consumers, and it would seem likely that major competitor Coles won’t be far behind on this front.

If you want to see whether or not Woolies’ paper bags are able to endure the condensation from your milk and not tear while you’re carrying it from your car, here’s where you can do just that:

  • Rouse Hill, NSW
  • Marrickville Metro, NSW
  • Town Hall, NSW
  • Neutral Bay , NSW
  • Double Bay, NSW
  • Bondi, NSW
  • Rozelle, NSW
  • Coogee, NSW
  • Paddington, NSW
  • Rose Bay , NSW
  • Cairns, QLD
  • Surfers Paradise, QLD
  • Pacific Fair, QLD
  • South Yarra, VIC
  • QV, VIC
  • Burwood Brickworks, VIC
  • Armadale, VIC
  • Black Rock, VIC
  • Hawksburn, VIC
  • St Kilda, VIC
  • Hawthorn, VIC

Happy shopping!

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