Who’s Your Celebrity Doppelgänger?

Excuse me. Have I seen you before?”

OMG are you that person from that show?“….

Sound familiar?

Have you ever been mistaken for a celebrity?

Lettsy was tapped on the shoulder recently and asked if he had appeared on The Voice… And if you’ve ever heard Lettsy sing, you would not be asking him that!

Listen below to the moment he was asked if he was “Blind Joe” from Season 9 of The Voice America.

Lettsy isn’t the only person in the Drive Team to have been mistaken for a famous singer.

In a night club in Istanbul Millie was approached and asked if she was Adele going incognito?

Do you see the resemblance?… Millie wasn’t sure.

“Were you on the voice?” Lettsy is mistaken for a celebrity.

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