Which iPod are you? iPod celebrates 20 years!

The brick of listening devices turns 20 years old over the weekend, the iPod.

Let’s have a look back:

The iPod was released in October 2001 with the slogan 1,000 songs in your pocket and also saw iTunes accompanying the release.

2001 was the peak of digital piracy and this small white brick was the beginning of change. iTunes allowed customers to buy and load music onto their portable devices with ease. We didn’t need to go to a store and buy a physical CD anymore. We could buy, load, and listen in the shortest time ever.

Pick an iPod below, it’ll tell you your personality

The 2nd Generation Classic iPod:

You love vintage things like Vinyls, and the ‘Walkman’. You hold on to things no matter how broken they are, buy an iPhone dude.

The Mini:

You carry a range of things in your pocket including keys, gum, your phone, multiple loyalty cards and probably a pen.

The 6th Generation Classic iPod:

You’re sleek. Think black tie and and a dry martini (Shaken not stirred). The most sophisticated gentleman or gentlewoman.

The Nano:

This is no ones favourite, you’re lying.

iPod touch:

Absolutely attached to your phone. A tik-tok addict and often post on your instagram story thinking you’re a influencer.

Scrap the AirPods today turn on your favourite early 2000’s tunes. Let’s celebrate 20 years of iPods!

Here’s a playlist to get these memories and nostalgia flowing.

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