When Are We Going To Run Out Of Water?

(Source: Pexel)

There is no substitute for water and yet we seem to be in a situation where access to this precious resource is unevenly distributed and increasingly scarce in many parts of the world.

The inevitable question becomes what can we do to protect our water resources for a growing global population, and preserve equitable access?

The problem isn’t that there are more people using water for personal use. It’s how we use water.

Did you know that 70% of Australia’s water usage is for an agricultural purpose?

In the second episode of The New Normal Rhiannon investigates how we take water for granted and ways we can conserve it. 

Along the way we chat to chat with Australian Dietitian and co-founder of Post Dining, Hannah Rohrlach about the ways we can reduce our meat intake and the future of food. WARNING: it involves edible insects!