What to Expect this Bushfire Season

As the weather starts to heat up and we make our way into summer many Australians are thinking back to the end of last year, when the country faced it’s most devastating bushfire season yet.

The official bushfire danger period started on the 1st of October and will run through to the 31st of March.

On Tuesday Romy and Jay were joined by Greg Allan, spokesperson for the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) to chat about what to expect this summer.

The NSW RFS is predicting that this year’s bushfire season will be quite different to last year’s, largely due to weather conditions. Wet and warm weather are already bringing accelerated grass growth. Once that grass grows and dries off it puts areas at risk of grass fires, which is the major concern for this year’s season.

Greg also clarified the difference between hazard reduction and back burning, two terms that are commonly interchanged when talking about any kind of controlled burning.

Back burning is a tactic used by firefighters to attempt to control fires that are already ablaze by introducing fires to burn back to the fire front. Hazard reduction consists of attempts to mitigate the damage that fires could cause to an area. This is done by removing the fuel in vegetation and can be done in a variety of ways including burning.

Listen to the full interview to hear more about the upcoming season and how to prepare your area for potential fires:

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