What the hell is an NFT?

You may have heard about the newest crazy on the internet – NFT’s! Following in the likes of cryptocurrency, the newest buying and selling trend has turned ordinary people into millionaires whilst the rich and famous are eager to put their names down for ownership.


It begs the question though – What exactly is an N.F.T. ?

On Breakfast with Owen & Charlie, the guys heard an awesome explanation from NEXT Voice Over man Scott. Below you can listen back plus find out how close Charlie came to dropping some serious cash on one!

An NFT or ‘None Fungible Token’ are digital assets such as photos, graphics or videos that can be purchased and sold. In kind of a online form of collecting art, trading cards or a artistic version of trading stocks, NFTs are all about just how valuable it is to be the owner.

Interestingly, more than one person can own an NFT! Interested people can purchase together with equal ownership much like a lotto syndicate at work or owning shares in a business.

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