What It Takes To Be A Man – Interview with Tarang Chawla

The fourth instalment of the NEXTpods original podcast series “What It Takes To Be A Man” has been released.

Created by NEXT’s very own Drive Announcer Millie Drew; the podcast series looks at the challenges modern men are facing in mentoring, domestic violence, gender equality workplaces and mental health.

Interviewing experts in the fields, and men who have personal experience facing their own challenges; Millie goes deep behind the statistics, inviting men to be a part of the conversation and solution.

Outspoken` advocate, Tarang Chawla, speaks of losing his sister to domestic violence, and how men learning healthy masculinity is key in creating real change. 

Head over to Audioboom for the not-to-be missed episode of “What It Takes To Be A Man” Brought to you by NEXTpods.