What Is The New Normal?

Single Use Plastics (Source: Pixabay)

Our planet is going through a time of extraordinary change but we often don’t stop to ask the question are we over consuming? And is it normal?  

What we think of as normal and how we’ve dealt with normal is no longer normal. So, if the lifestyle habits we’ve grown up with aren’t doing the planet any good, then what is the new normal? 

In the first episode of The New Normal by Rhiannon Mooney, we explore Australians love-hate relationship with single use plastics. Rhiannon also speaks with people who are challenging our perception about the way we consume, such as Tamara Dimattina, who started Buy Nothing New Month.

The concept encourages people to consider their overall waste output and not just their food and drink waste. It’s an initiative to get people thinking about where products come from and where the waste goes once they are finished with it.  

Where to start can seem overwhelming. There’s a Japanese idea of ‘Kaizen’ or ‘good change’. It’s continuous little improvements to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Ditching bottled water, single used coffee cups and glad wrap are among the many ways we can cut down on single use plastic. 

Start somewhere. Start small. Build from there. 

The New Normal is a NEXT Pod original available here.

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