What A Waste! Vic Gov Spends $172Million on PPE That Doesn’t Work

The Victorian State Government has been left to answer how the purchase of $172Million of unusable PPE made its way to the state’s PPE stockpile, after the release of a report made by the Victorian Auditor General.

At times purchasing hand sanitiser up to $27 a bottle, the report found the Government failed to ensure adequate fraud protections as state officials scrambled to build up adequate inventory levels.

Overall, the government spent $4.4 billion on pandemic initiatives, including $785 million on its business support fund and $782 million on expanding intensive care.

Seven out of eight departments used a “critical incident procurement” policy to spend money on their pandemic response, according to the audit, and speed was more important than value for money in some cases.

Out of all departments, only the Department Of Justice correctly reported its spending on PPE.

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