Western Sydney Student Bags first Prize in Youth Voices COVID-19 Video Competition

COVID-19 impacted our lives so much especially young adults. Many adults are connected to the social media to understand the situation but not sure how the adolescent ages are being through to tackle it emotionally. The Prevention Education and Research Unit (PERU) in partnership with the School of Population Health UNSW, announced Youth Voices COVID-19 Video Competition for high school students in western Sydney.

Students are invited to submit a short video addressing one of three topic areas:

  1. COVID-19 Vaccinations: encouraging people to protect themselves  
  2. Looking after your wellbeing during the pandemic 
  3. Tackling COVID-19 misinformation and myths 

Young people in Western Sydney participated to grab the attention of their friends. On receiving nearly 84 entries, the winners of the competition are announced and proud to say that first prize is won by our Blacktown community

First place in the western Sydney competition, a $500 prize, went to Bridie O’Kelly, year 12 student at Richard Johnson Anglican College Oakhurst, with her entry A COVID Acronym.

Second place (a $300 prize) went to Thomas Sahlieh, a year 11 student at Kellyville High School, with Looking After Your Wellbeing and third place (a $200 prize) to Sonya Clarke, a year 7 student at William Clarke College Kellyville, with Get the Jab.

Blacktown girls high school is awarded with 2000$ for their participation that will be used towards water-refill station. Other prizes are also awarded to other entries for their creativity, video concept and care towards the community.

Prize winners thanked the PERU council for planning this innovative competition!!

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