Western Sydney Recieved More COVID-19 Fines

Western Sydney residents were fined more heavily for breaking restrictions. This comes as new data shows the area was one of the most compliant. With the higher rates of fines NSW’s crime statisitc agency has issued a warning detailing the burden this may cause for those already struggling finacially.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics has complied a report accounting for 90% of police activity during the pandemic. There were 36,597 breaches on public health orders with majority of them resulting in a $1,000 fine. Young men, who may of been involved with law enforcement before, living in LGA’s of concerend were targeted mostly by police. Approximatley half of the breaches (18,200) were involving people who have had an offence record in the last five years. LGA’s of concern recieved roughly one third of fines (13,392).

Lachy and Lu on Drive decided on how Western Sydney can get even with the city-siders of NSW, handing out fines for being too ‘sydney’

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