Ways To Stop Climate Change, According to Sir David Attenborough

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is a much needed reminder that COVID-19 isn’t our only issue right now. His latest documentary brings together his 60-year career and documents how he has witnessed our planet change before his eyes due to the effects of climate change. 

He has even given a personal address to Australia and notes how diving in the Great Barrier Reef was what brought the true extent of the crisis to his attention.

He does however include some things we can all do to help stop climate change and save our planet.

  1. Curbing the rising population

Attenborough believes we need to improve healthcare and education access for young people, in particularly for young girls. In doing so, young people will marry later and have fewer children while still contributing to the economy and having career opportunities.

2. Moving to Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels won’t last forever and renewable energy is more important than ever. Even though this is something that needs to be addressed by big business, we can all still do our part by using solar, wind or hydropower.

3. Rewilding Our Planet

Biodiversity is the most complex feature of our planet and it is the most vital for the future of humanity. Overfishing and the impacts humans have had on these interactions needs to be restored. We can do simple things such as buying sustainably caught fish.

4. Switching to a Plant-based diet

Attenborough says that if we all moved to a diet that was largely plant based, we could halve the amount of land we current need to farm. This land could then be used for renewable energy sourcing or new habitats for animals. Even if everyone simply cut down their meat intake, this will make a difference.

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