Way Back When? (How to Talk to Strangers)

Way Back When

How to Talk to Strangers is a podcast series that follows Patty D as he tries to reconnect with the world outside his own. In episode two Patty wonders if life has always been this way, he talks to people a little older than him to uncover the truth.

Are we just entitled millennials who praise our internet overlords whilst never really sharing a genuine moment or have we always been disconnected? We find out some type of truth that ends up confusing Patty more in his quest find out How to Talk to Strangers.

Patty spoke to Dr Robert Eres a provisional psychologist from Swinburne University about loneliness how that effects the youth of Australia and whether it has an impact on how we relate to each other.

Visit next.aftrs.edu.au/nextpods to catch up on the first episode of How to Talk to Strangers before the second episode drops!

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