Washing Away Anger as we Journey through Life

Have you ever been emotional and angry to a point where you did something crazy? All because you were mad. And, could not think of a better way to release your anger or explain yourself.

Experts say anger – whether a grudge, resentment, rage or a small mistake committed by someone you were close to years ago and never forgave, it is like a millstone hanging around your neck.

Certain situations you haven’t moved past from can even create emotional and physical problems that will affect your health, and lead you to act with anger on innocent parties who love and support you.

Sometimes you may end up hurting yourself. And this is exactly what Allrounder Mitch Marsh did by punching a wall when he was dismissed from a cricket game in Tasmania over the weekend.

It came as Marsh revealed Aussie coach Justin Langer had contacted him to tell him that he is an idiot after punching the wall.

Marsh has injured his bowling hand and will be sidelined for several weeks. He is at long odds to be available for the first Test against Pakistan in Brisbane starting November 21.

Getting substituted from a single game of cricket is part of the play, but punching a wall truly makes Marsh an idiot.

A few tips to consider when you’re angry and frustrated with something or someone, is to focus on your breath.

By focusing your attention on your breath, your mindfulness of it also keeps you in the now, relaxing you and helping you experience the sensations, emotions, and other internal activities that tell you what is going on with you.

A second option to mindfully explore and express your anger and other feelings generated in upsetting incidents, is to share them with another person.

Hearing that others have similar shameful experiences will help you realise you are not alone, and shifts your perspective from self-judgment to self-acceptance.

All these are tools to help you wash away the anger and hurt feelings that happen to each of us as we journey through life.

Remember, to rid ourselves of the toxic feelings that remain bottled up inside us, we must bring them up and engage them.

But, because they are only feelings, we can master them, and reveal the new truths that help us move forward positively.

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