Wait – Isn’t the Joker Supposed to be the bad Guy?

Arguably one of the most ‘make or break’ roles in movie history, we’ve seen a few actors try their hand at playing ‘Joker’ (the villain from the Batman movie franchise), with the latest to try their hand being Joaquin Phoenix – turning out to be a huge success at the box office.

Whilst the Joker has appeared in several Batman films, this is the first insight we’ve been given into how the Joker became the Joker; and it turns out that Joaquin Phoenix was the best person to illustrate that Joker’s sadistic behaviour goes much deeper than just being the bad guy.

Joaquin Phoenix stars in the box office hit ‘Joker’.

‘Joker’ explores the hardships of poverty, a broken family and having the world give you a giant middle finger, and how all of these things caused Joker to become mentally ill. After being trampled over for all of his life, Joker experiences fits of rage that cause him to become the violent criminal we see in the Batman movies.

Joaquin Phoenix will undoubtedly be remembered for his incredible performance as the Joker, but the question still remains; who is the bad guy here?

The movie portrays Joker as a symbol of hope for the hopeless in Gotham City, fighting against wealthy families who treat them like dirt – for example, the Wayne family (Batman’s family). However without Batman, it’s likely that Joker would burn the whole city down trying to save it.

…so who do we root for in the next movie?

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