The Viral Games

In the not-so-distant future, pandemic-era restrictions are the way of life for Australians. Eight years of border closures witness a country on the brink of defederation. Australia’s states and territories are fast becoming self-reliant, developing distinct cultures and value-systems (bad news for Queensland). In a last-ditch effort to unite Australians behind a common cause, the federal government launches Viral Games: an intranational socially distanced, hyper-sanitary sports series.
Join the country’s top sports journos Doug Bueller and Ange Abello in the commentary box as they try to make sense of a games unlike anything Canberra could imagine. The lines are drawn, masks tightened, anti-chafe cream applied; conspiracies, supplement sagas and PPE bungles are already underway. Only one question remains: are you ready to play?.
The Viral Games is a fictional podcast series written, produced and voiced by 2020 AFTRS Radio Students.
You can listen to the viral games below.