Travis Scott Breaks Bad

There are unacknowledged events following Traver Scott which he should take note of, recognise them and do something about them.

After breaking up with his baby mother, Kylie Jenner, he continues on with his life, focusing on his music but then he gets into an incident where he breaks his leg.

Mr Scott took a nasty fall last Saturday night during his performance at the Rolling Loud festival … a fall that messed up his knee, something that is very terrible.

People who are sensitive and quick to realise bad things following them would take time off from their real business.

It would be thoughtful for Travis to rethink why this things are happening and approach life from a different point of view.

This can be a better strategy to move onwards especially in the midst of major heart-breaking moments such a split-up with your partner.

He may have thought that what happened with his ex-Kylie was a light issue but when things comes back to hurt him, it may be high time he reconsider and take things easy.

Travis was performing the butterfly effect at Citi Field in Queens when he jumped up and landed wrongly on his right knee … then tumbled to the ground.s ex was clearly injured and could barely move around the stage.

He ended up staying in the same spot, as members of his crew jumped on stage to check on him.

Travis told the crowd he thought he broke his knee, but nonetheless the show went on. He told the crowd that nothing can ever stop this show.

Kylie’s ex was clearly injured and could barely move around the stage. He completed his whole set while standing in one spot on stage for the rest of the concert. So far, no word on the extent of his injury.

Perhaps he could learn a lesson from what is happening to him and his family.

Well, maybe he will recollect himself when he gets back up on two feet.

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