Tom Falls Down The TikTok Spiral

Arvo’s Announcer Tom has been a wondrous journey of discovery.

Too long has he held back from giving into the popularity of social media video giant TikTok, and now he has decided to embrace the trend.

With a ticket aboard the hype train to TikTokville, he has only just begun to scratch the surface of a new kind of video.

Dark TikToks.

Imagine if David Lynch and Kubrick were put in a blender and made into a rather tasty health shake… and you have Tom Denham TikToks.

Each story running at about a minute’s length encapsulating a thriller and body horror aesthetic that has left people in stitches.

“There are no words to describe them.” – Brenton Larney, Podcast Producer

“Just the right amount of chaos and anarchy.” – Charlie Meller, Breakfast Announcer

In a NEXT exclusive first, Tom shared his latest creation on the show, detailing the story of multiplying cups of tea with a sadistic agenda.

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