Tilly Webb – Music From Plants

Did you know… making music using plants and a synthesiser is possible?

Tilly Webb is a producer and composer with experience creating works for dance, film, and animation .

She is now focused on creating experiential, ambient/electronic music that combines acoustic and synthesised sounds to create soundscapes people can fade away with. 

I spoke to Tilly earlier in the year on a sister station to NEXT where her unique project was just blossoming. Just this last month she has finally launched her own independent label, Obol Records, and has started publishing her and others works online.

Lachy caught up with Tilly on the Afternoons show on NEXT.

Catch up on the FULL INTERVIEW with Tilly below:

Check out the rest of Obol Records’ work on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obolrecords


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