Three Ideas for Your First Post-lockdown Holiday in NSW

Borders are finally back open around the country so there’s never been a better time to explore our own backyard and what a backyard it is!

Our home state has some of the most beautiful places in the country – we’ve got the coast, we’ve got mountain ranges and of course, amazing culture.

So where do you start!? Well we’ve got the best places for you to go for your first post-lockdown holiday!

Blue Mountains

Do you want spectacular gorges and canyons? If you haven’t been to the blue mountains, what are you doing with yourself!?

Not too far from the big smoke, hit the main sights of katoomba, echo point, and three sisters and just drink in our beautiful country.

The Skyway at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains

Indigenous-led Burrawa BridgeClimb

Maybe you’d rather stay in the action, what is more iconic than climbing 1332 steps to take in a 360-degree view of australia’s most beautiful city?

The Burrawa climb gives tourists a fresh perspective of the bridge and the city below with an indigenous storyteller guiding the tour.

Climbers on the Harbour Bridge at dawn

Skydive above the beach in Wollongong

Not quite scratching your daredevil itch? Why not head down to the gong, hop in a plane and then hurl yourself out of it – with a parachute of course.

You’ll be free-falling at 220km/h for up to 60 seconds and your instructor might even let you control your parachute!

Skydive over Wollongong

Whatever you decide to do, it’s going to be great so stop wasting time and start planning your holiday!

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