There’s Been a Kidnapping In The NEXT Studio!

There’s been a kidnapping, or more accurately a toy-napping, in the NEXT studios.

Yesterday the Millie, Greg and Lettsy, Drive team was rocked when they received a ransom message interrupting their show.

A mysterious voice in disguise told an unwitting Millie that they had toy-napped her stuffed flamingo Rasputia.

They would not be returning Rasputia until a series of challenges were completed.

Much to Millie’s horror he demanded she sing!

How he knew that was her biggest fear, she does not know.

The challenge was to sing the play school theme song.

Today was the big day, and despite sweaty palms and trembling voice, and with the help of her co-hosts chiming in, she completed the challenge!!

While the top-nappers were pleased with her performance, they have since demanded she be Lettsy’s personal assistant tomorrow as challenge number two.

Tune in to Millie, Greg and Lettsy on tomorrow’s drive show to see how Millie goes with challenge number two.