There’s a New Podcast Team in Town

“The podcast team is spearheaded by the powerhouses Rhiannon Mooney and Nial Hosken”

There’s a new podcast team in town; NEXTpods.

The creators promise to deliver quality content designed for the modern, contentious person.

The team is spearheaded by the powerhouses Rhiannon Mooney and Nial Hosken, who are talented story tellers at the dawn of their careers. Millie Drew and Patrick Doran support the team, while also maintaining roles on-air in their drive and afternoon shows respectively.

Together in just two short weeks the team has produced four new podcast series.

How To Talk To Strangers by Patrick Doran

How to Talk to Stranger’s is podcast series that follows Patty D as he tries to reconnect with the world outside his own. In the first episode Patty has his first interaction random person no.1 and decides on whether it is in fact a possibility to engage with a complete stranger in this new connected world.  

The New Normal by Rhiannon Mooney

The New Normal created by Rhiannon investigates the question, are we over consuming, and is it normal? Taking a look at fast fashion, water usage, and single use plastic, this podcast will challenge your perception on how we consume.

Behind The Scene by Nial Hosken

The Behind The Scene podcast follows Nial as he rolls around Sydney with a microphone finding the Sydney music scene thriving in unusual places. 

What It Takes To Be A Man by Millie Drew

And What It Takes To Be A Man sees Millie interview experts in the fields of Mentorship, Domestic Violence, Gender Workplace Equality and Men’s Mental Health, as well as men who have their own experiences; all with the aim of creating a self-help podcast series for men who are facing the challenges of an awakening society.

We hope you enjoy all these new and fresh podcasts.