The Ressurection of a Sydney Bowling Club

Kids allowed!

The fourth and final episode of Behind The Scene has just been released. It features the story of the fall and then rise of a Sydney bowling club.

Bowling as in lawn bowls!

I’m sure you’ve seen them. The virtually empty lawn bowls club in your suburb. Holding prime real estate, but no-one seems interested in playing bowls or hanging out at the club. Eventually it’s sold off to a developer and a piece of space for everyone becomes a piece of space for some.

For the inner-city community of Petersham – this would not be the fate of their local.

Now that’s some carpet!

Taking over from the old guard of lawn bowlers, the new volunteers sought to change the space from dead to thriving. Taking out the pokies, allowing kids on the green and putting in an eclectic range of music.

The quaint space tucked away in a sleepy corner of the inner-west suburb is exactly what this city needs.

Hear how this community space was born on Behind The Scene.

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