The Next Presidential Debate will Hallmark a Feature of our Dream Zoom Meeting

Pre-coronavirus times, we all used to sit around and actually listened to people speak. But in today’s world, if someone is giving nothing positive they can be muted, and if you need to have a snack, you can mute yourself. This concept has been introduced to US politics.

The first presidential debate in the US Election campaign was such a disaster there were calls to cancel the remaining ones.

The second presidential debate was cancelled after Mr Trump did not agree with a decision to make the debate virtual because of his COVID-19 diagnosis. But they have saved the third debate, with a mute button.

Specifically, they’ll be muted at the beginning of each 15-minute segment of the debate. Both Trump and Biden will then get an uninterrupted two minutes to respond to a question, while their opponent’s microphone is muted. This rule has actually always been in place, but didn’t work without the trusty mute button.

But don’t worry, The New York Times is reporting that the moderator won’t have control of the mute button, so things could still get wild during the open discussion section.

However, the moderator will be able to return any time that one candidate takes from the other by interrupting. And will ensure both candidates get roughly even speaking time during the 90-minute debate.

So the rules may not be changing, but they finally have a way to enforce them.

If you missed the first Presidential debate, please enjoy the “highlights” below:

Don’t miss out on the action this Friday 23rd October.

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