The New Beach Club to Bon-Die for

Sydney’s most famous beach could soon have an exclusive roped off section available only to paying customers. The proposal put forth to Waverly Council suggests the Amalfi Beach Club could see a 30m x 40m section of the beach sectioned off.

The club would set you back $80 per person for a two hour booking in a beach cabana, with food and drinks available for an extra cost. The club would take up around 2% of the beach space and have a capacity of 100 people.

Unsurprisingly, the club creator Janek Gazecki has received major backlash for the proposal with locals claiming the idea is somewhat classist, and may encourage risky behaviour around the beach if beachgoers are swimming after drinking.

Additionally, the proposal outlines it’s target customer base predicting that “the men are aspirational professionals such as doctors, surgeons, members of the finance industry (bankers & investors), as well as professional directors, business entrepreneurs and business owners.” and “Women occupy a similar high-end platform in areas of publishing, advertising, fashion, beauty and modelling.”

Gazecki has defended his proposal, positioning it as a support of local businesses and accessible to all with the price point going towards food and alcohol for the booking.

This is the second proposal of it’s kind being put forward, with the initial proposal in May being deemed unsuitable.

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