The Horrifying Reality Of Dating Apps

Last night 4 Corners and Triple J Hack premiered their investigation into sexual assaults on Tinder

What started as a callout for stories of sexual assault on tinder on Triple J’s current affairs program – Hack. Hack received upwards of 400 stories from listeners who had experienced some sort of sexual assault from someone they met via tinder.

Frustratingly, the way tinder works, victims would often not get a chance to report these predators, due to the ‘unmatch’ function, which allows a user to not only stop communication but also delete messages and all trace of the user. This means predators could move on and be free to re-offend again, and again.

If and when a user did report a sexual assault, they wouldn’t simply get an automated message, and no guarantee the person would be removed from the service, and tinder wouldn’t let the victim know if any action was taking against the accused.

Tinder is now one of the world’s highest-earning apps, raking in nearly $2 billion last year and amid the loneliness and isolation of COVID-19 lockdowns paid Tinder subscriptions increased by almost 20 percent in the year to June.

During the Breakfast show, Romy & Jay discussed the 4-corners report, you can listen below.

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