The Happenings that aren’t Making Headlines

2020. Yikes, HEAVY stuff.

Between Covid-19, Trump and Trump getting Covid-19, the ladies at Not the News HQ are pooped. The 2020 news cycle is heavier than most years. It’s easy to feel anxious, fatigued and desensitised flicking through the paper.

Enter: Not the News, a daily podcast where your hosts, Caroline Wagner and Nikki Sitch, brief you on the happenings that won’t make headlines. We’re committed to bringing you the most irrelevant (sometimes we border on partially relevant) content from around the globe. It’s just like listening to two funny blokes chatting in a pub, if the blokes were ladies and they weren’t in a pub!

On today’s episode: outrage as Poundland patrons attempt to inch open the spirit realm, a cat-walking brown bear and a Mean Girls reference that missed the mark. We also chat about a Shark Tank embezzlement scandal and a Texan with record-breaking pegs. So, Sydneysiders and beyond, if Gladys’ love-life is getting you down, gift your ears the dulcet tones of Not the News! Episodes out 6pm daily.

Listen to Ep 1 here:

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