The Ginger Ninja is Back- ED’s New Album

For over a decade Ed Sheeran has dominated the charts he’s come a long way from being a 16 year old and his debut album + Then came X and divide.

When I first heard the single bad habits I felt a little bit let down as a long-time fan of Ed’s I found myself questioning weather I was going to enjoy the sound of what he had coming next.

then shivers was released and my mind was blown it doesn’t matter what he does he always seems to be able to produce hit after hit song after song, even riding with some of Australia’s best.

Amy sharks love songs out for us Play it on repeat on my iPod for a month and now I know that equals is gonna play even more.

Ed’s new album is released on the 29th of October 2021 and I must say I cannot wait not only that though I can’t wait to see what collaborations he comes up with next because it seems every time Ed Sheeran has something new he does his best to shock fans.