Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets Delivery-Only This Year

This year, Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets will run a little differently, like many other events in 2020, with a smorgasbord of delivery-only dishes. That’s right, the month-long foodie festival will not take place in Hyde Park, having to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions. Instead, the festival has created special menus for the occasion which can be enjoyed at home, in your local park or beach, with many festival favourites making the cut.

Redfern experimental and Asian-inspired institution Donut Papi is offering up an inventive new creation: the prawn toast doughnut. If sweeter fare is more your taste, the leche flan doughnut burger (a fan favourite) will also be on offer, featuring Filipino-style creme caramel stuffed between halves of sugar-crusted doughnut bun. We think the picture does it more justice:

Image from Concrete Playground

The delivery-only menu showcases eight stalls this year – instead of the usual 30 plus – however will feature the likes of Hong Kong-inspired Puffle, purveyors of decadent egg waffles, four types of bao from Bao Brothers; skewers, curries and paella from Span Thai, among others. Newcomer Toastie Smith, the Chatswood eatery will also be featuring its giant Korean-style, jaffle-style toasties including a juicy wagyu number to get hungry mouths watering.

The Night Noodle Markets at Home dishes will be available to order exclusively through Doordash, with three options to tickle your taste buds. Choose from Broc n’ Roll ($69.50), Date Night ($89) or The Bougie Banquet ($233), each coming with a selection of dishes from across the stalls.

The Night Noodle Markets at Home menus are available via Doordash now through to Friday, November 6 as part of Good Food Month.

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