Sydney MP’s Hydroxychloroquine Campaign Persists

Back in May, US President Donald Trump announced he was taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative for COVID-19.

That sparked a fire in Craig Kelly, Member for Hughes, now a bona fide hydroxychoroquine truther.

This is in spite of a study, led by the University of Oxford, concluding that the drug is ineffective against coronavirus. The leaders of the trial recommended the drug not be given to hospitals.

The Liberal MP’s Facebook page, once a bastion for run of the mill climate denial propaganda, is now Australia’s foremost site for hydroxychloroquine misinformation.

This surprised no one, given Mr Kelly’s general grasp on reality. Recently he has compared the COVID lockdown to the Third Reich, and who could forget the time the Sutherland Shire politician diminished the downing of MH17, the passenger plane brought down by rebels over Ukraine in 2014?

One might have anticipated the campaign would falter as Donald Trump himself contracted COVID-19 and was treated with an experimental drug cocktail from the pharmaceutical company Regeneron. Now, the president is hawking the new drug.

Still, a glance at Mr Kelly’s Facebook page indicates he will persist in his mission to cure the novel coronavirus with a malaria treatment.

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