Stuck on a Deserted I – Land? Relax, Go for a Swim…

Today I watched a television show so you don’t have too.

I-land on NETFLIX, confusing overdramatic and a big ol hunk of stinky cheese. The main character (unknown) wakes up on a deserted island with no memory and a shell in hand. She then blows into the shell to search for other survivors.


What made her immediately decide to blow into the shell as a call for help. The show gets more bizarre.

 One of my favourite scenes in the first episode is where they all decide to go swimming, you are stuck on a deserted island and decide to just casually enjoy a nice dip.

That seems like a bit of an under reaction to the fact you are stuck on and Island with no memory of how you got there.

To top it all off in this dramatic mess, the end of the episode see’s the main character throw her magical shell in frustration. Big twist, the shell has a recording device with the I – Land logo.

The show is weird and cheesy but then again so am I.

I Land  

3 stars