Some Douche’s One Hit Wonder Certified Diamond

Lil Whats-His-Name

Some Idiot , along with a washed up Country star from the 90s, and their song “Old Town Something-or Other” has been the first song of 2019 to reach diamond status in sales.

How sad.

This week, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that the particular one hit wonder had finally reached diamond status. It has also become the fastest song in history to go diamond, billboard magazine reported.

Other artists who have achieved diamond status include Justin Bieber (‘Baby’), Elton John (‘Candle In The Wind’), Carly Rae Jepsen (‘Call Me Maybe’), Imagine Dragons (‘Radioactive’), Lady Gaga (‘Poker Face’, ‘Bad Romance’) and Florida Georgia Line (‘Cruise’).

Last month, this untalented loser confirmed that he was taking a break from attempting to make music, explaining that his life had become “wild” after his terrible song propelled him to worldwide fame. He is currently working on making more revolting music.

How sad.

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