So. Much. Cake.

Tomorrow our very own brekky team Jacob and Bek go head to head in a cake off bake off.

The challenge was initiated earlier this week when a delightful box of Melbourne Cup cupcakes arrived at the studio unexpectedly sporting the message;

“Dear Jacob and Bek – bet you can’t do better suckaz!!!!”

The gauntlet was thrown down so to speak – or the oven mitts to be more precise. Over the course of the week, Bek and Jacob have examined, analysed, observed and made notes on the art of baking, decorating and devouring all things cake. They’ve eaten, breathed, and slept cake all week that rumour has it, there has been so much cake, that they certainly they may have well turned into cake!

All cake baking systems go!

But never fear, tomorrow, there will indeed be more cake as the dynamic duo unfurl their baking prowess to the NEXT FM world. Taking inspiration for the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book, cakes will be offered to the radio gods with much vigour and assumed delight, in anticipation of who will be crowned the NEXT FM Baking Champion.

An old favourite

We shall all wait with bated breath and expectation. Whoever will it be?

Tune in tomorrow morning to find out…………

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