Smashing New Technology Gives Cricket Fans a Thrill

Smash Factor in action. Photo source: Fox Sports

The Australian summer of test cricket is just around the corner. A new season means broadcasters have another chance to wow cricket fanatics around the nation with a plethora of new technology.

First we had Snick-o to show sound waves of batsmen knicking balls to the keeper. Stump Cam gave viewers a front row view of a ball thundering into the stumps. Hot-Spot arrived and gave us visual confirmation if a batsman hit the ball before it touched his pads. Then Hawkeye allowed us to track a ball right from the bowlers hand to the stumps.

But Foxtel have just unveiled their newest toy: Smash Factor. The new technology will give viewers real time feedback on a batsman’s last shot. The animation will rate everything from bet swing speed to shot choice, and stroke power to exactly where on the bat the ball struck.

Finally the age old argument of just where the middle of a cricket bat is will be settled.