Shocking Survey Results of Trending Instagram!!

Instagram is the trending social media platform and you love it. This is because of its shorter form of entertainment episodes. Instagram Reels are very catchy with trending music in the backdrop. Instagram posts and stories are creative to use and you can connect easily with others. You try to showcase your best using the advanced techniques.

You scroll over the pages and the content is never ending and you cannot keep track of the time. According to the latest survey on social media, it is found that, on an average, an individual spends a minimum of 52 minutes using these apps.

If you see a specific young adults range from (14-19), they are spending minimum 80 minutes using the apps. All this is because of its features like camera , music and accessibility.

Instagram is “toxic” for teen girls. The research actually demonstrated that many teens feel that using Instagram helps them when they are struggling with the kinds of hard moments and issues teenagers have always faced.

On the other side, social Media experts say that its not always about entertainment, but also students enhance their learning and get positive results at the end of the course. Sharing the knowledge and helping other students is easily achievable through Instagram.

Using any technology for a certain limit is always good. Anything beyond always create adverse results!!

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