Shane Warne’s ‘inappropriate’ texts exposed by MAFS star Jessika Power

Married at First Sight star Jessika Power has revealed she blocked Shane Warne on social media after he slid into her DMs one too many times

Power graced the screens of The Seven Network last night in the premiere of Big Brother VIP.

Ratings were abysmal, racking in less than 380 000 people across Australia.

But the big news on everyones lips isn’t about the show, it’s about Power’s exchanges with a certain Aussie sports star and celebrity – Warnie.

According to Power, the last message she sent to Warne was

“Hey, I’m so sorry I’ve had a really big day and I haven’t been able to reply. I would have loved to have caught up but not in your hotel room … I’m not that kind of girl” (a shock to all I’m sure considering the cheating scandal that rocked Powers season of MAFS).

Jessika Power is appearing on Big Brother VIP

Warne proceeded to message back late at night and said, ‘What are you doing now?’

Power admitted to thinking ‘this guy just has not got a clue’ and didn’t reply.

Classic Warnie then chose to message her several more times without a response. Including adding

“I’m leaving tomorrow for Sydney”, and “I’m coming back to the coast after this Sydney shoot for 10 days, let’s catch up”

Once Power left the Big Brother house, Warnie was officially blocked!

NEXT FM has reached out to Warne for comment.

Warnie’s attempts to woo the reality TV star fell flat

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