Sculpture By The Sea Success

Millie, Greg and Lettsy have achieved the unachievable by successfully creating a piece of art for Sculpture’s By The Sea.

The trio hit up Tamarama Beach and blended in with the many tourists enjoying the sculptures.

Placing the potentially award winning sculpture on the ground, the pair stood back with phones in hand, admiring the view of the sea, the sand and their sculpture.

After posing as crazed paparazzi, tourists started to also draw attention to the masterpiece with a couple even studying it and claiming ”it must be called ‘Rest in Peace’ because of the dead rose.”

While the drive team cackled behind, more and more tourists started to admire the sculpture.

Millie, Greg & Lettsy Take A Sculpture To The Sea

Huge fans of Sculpture by the Sea, the trio made their own creation to see if they could fool any tourists

Posted by NEXT Radio on Thursday, October 24, 2019