Sarah makes Lachie uncomfortable with story about a poop in a box

In todays ‘Sarah makes Lachie uncomfortable’ on NEXT FM Drive, Lachie squirmed at this story with an unexpected twist (or should I saw twisted) ending!

Everybody loves a bit of online shopping, but there’s always a risk that someone will steal your packages right?

Well one TikTok user Destiny Marin found this out the hard way!

Her mum discovered their packages had been stolen by the same thief, so she put plans into place for the ultimate revenge.

“Amazon package thief!”

Destiny shows the footage of the first time it happened. A man with two dogs walks up and takes the package.

Later that day, Destiny’s mum was out at the shops when she recognised the thief and called him out publicly.

He wasn’t too happy about being called out in the street so he pulled up to our house again, and this time he has a message for the ring cameras” said Destiny.

The next clip shows the same man walking up to their house with his dogs again. He says “You see that?” and shoves the package up his shirt and brazenly walks off with it.

Destiny said her mum retaliated with the most disgusting revenge…

She took a shit in an Amazon box, covered it with a smiley face balloon then wrote a little message inside for the thief and then she re-taped the box to make it look like a regular amazon box.”

“Stay tuned, I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

And neither can we! The one person who doesn’t want to hear the end of the storie, is Lachie!

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