Rob Zombie Praises Billie Eilish’s Band T-Shirt Collection

Repping the Band Tee’s: Billie Eilish

Trend Setter!

Heavy Metal legend Rob Zombie is among the artists to praise Billie Eilish recently for wearing a customised shirt during one of her recent shows which honoured three metal acts.

Eilish recently played a gig wearing a top which appeared to be sewn together from old Rob Zombie, Type O Negative and Cradle of Firth T-Shirts.

The shirt has attracted subsequent praise from all three of the featured acts on social media, with Zombie leading the praise on Instagram last weekend as he said “rock on!”

Cradle of Filth also posted a picture of Eilish in the custom metal shirt, writing: “Whatever you think of Billie Eilish, she’s got some seriously good taste in gothic-tinged music if a coat made from Type O Negative, Rob Zombie and Cradle artwork is anything to go by.”

Who knows what she’ll wear NEXT!