Reply All: When Good Emails Go Bad

We’ve all been there. You’ve received a company wide email, and then there’s that one person who commits the cardinal sin of replying all. What follows is usually a chaotic avalanche of emails, that usually don’t involve you, and with no end in sight.

Well it turns out that the Prime Ministers office isn’t immune to this electronic faux pas, with a staffer emailing the entire Canberra Press Gallery the wrong information.

Instead of a supportive press release in favor of the Morrison Government, every media outlet in the country was sent a 15 page document outlining the Coalitions internal talking points for the week.

Now that they know the government strategy for the week, journalists around the land having been having a field day. Even the ABC got in on the act, with their breakfast show host Michael Rowland pulling off an impressive impersonation of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (armed with talking points and all.)