Reality TV Stars Call For More Psychological Support After Filming

Reality TV is a daily occurrence in our homes these days; Married at First Sight, The Bachelor, Love Island, The Block, Masterchef, The Masked Singer, The Voice….need we go on.

Contestants from some of these huge shows have come forward to tell SBS’s The Feed that there is ‘inadequate’ support post the show airs.

The last record I did I was so embarrassed by, I actually felt sick”.

Reece Mastin, 2011 X-Factor Austria Winner
Reese Masden. Source: rssing

Reece Mastin, winner of X-Factor Austria in 2011 was only 16 when his rose to fame. He said that he felt he had no control over his music and that his was pushed in a direction he didn’t want to go after the show concluded.

Abbey Hatfield. Source: Celebs Close Up

“I truly was not mentally well after that experience”

Abbie Chatfield, The Bachelor season 7 runner up.

The Bachelor season 7 runner up, Abbie Chatfield said “Honestly, for maybe three days I wasn’t in touch with reality. I truly was not mentally well after that experience”.

Is it right that these contestants are being pushed to their limits for our viewing pleasure? Food for thought.

On Wednesday the 16 of October, Cam and Danes deep dived into this issue.

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