Raising Awareness and Funds for the Homeless by Sleeping Outside

Being in your 20s and even early thirties is such a defining time in a person’s life. It’s when you develop a passion for a career, work on building relationships that will last a life time, and figure out what you want your life to be about.

Now, imagine trying to do this without the comfort of knowing where you are going to be sleeping.

38% of people who experience homelessness are under the age of 25, a shocking statistic that is uncomfortable to think about.

Each year, Stepping Stone House hosts ‘Sleep Under the Stars’, a fundraiser aiming to provide safety, education and care for vulnerable young people aged 12 – 24.

A recap of 2018’s Sleep Under the Stars, hosted by Stepping Stone House.

Stepping Stone House CEO Jason Juretic says while the fundraiser is supposed to be experiential, it will never truly represent the experience.

“[Being homeless] comes with a lot of mental health and traumatic issues…We’ve got security guards there that secure our gear, and if you were in a genuine homeless environment…there’s that great sense of fear of someone nicking those few items that you have during the night” he said while chatting with Cam & Danes on this morning’s show.

This year’s sleep out is happening on Friday November 1st at Hickson reserve, and if you want to get involved, head to https://www.sleepunderthestars.com.au/cms/home.

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