Racism Rears its Ugly Head Again

Source: news.com.au

Sport and racism have come together again in an uncomfortable partnership. England took victory 6-0 in the European Championship Qualifier against Bulgaria. But it was marred by the racist behaviour of large sections of the crowd which included making animal noises, throwing objects, chanting racist abuse and doing the Nazi salute.

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The game was stopped during the first half and offending fans were evicted from the stadium. The second half proceeded without further incident. 

As we saw previously with the Adam Goodes saga in the AFL, and more recently the Latrell Mitchell booing in the NRL, sporting bodies generally struggle to react.

However, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has opened disciplinary proceedings against both Bulgaria and England. The Bulgarian Football Union has been charged for the racist behaviour of the fans. The English Football Association was charged with travelling fans disrupting the national anthem and not having enough travelling stewards.

Only time will tell if these measures will have an impact on racist fan behaviours.

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