Penrith Panthers Rip Up Contract of Tyrone May

A board meeting has decided the fate of utility player Tyrone May.

A social media post at the conclusion of this year’s NRL Grand Final was the final straw for the team at the foot of the mountains with the board meeting yesterday and voting to terminate Tyrone May’s contract.

The 25-year old, who filmed without consent a sexual encounter with a woman- narrowly avoided a jail sentence after pleading guilty to four charges.

He missed the 2019 season and eventually settled a civil case with the woman involved. However, the issue was reignited immediately following the grand final when he posted an image on social media of him leaving the court accompanied by the message:

“And the dirt that they threw on my name turned to soil and I grew up out it. Time for y’all to figure out what y’all gon’ do about it. Love my brothers”.

Though supported by a number of team mates, it was seen as a tactless post that undermined the apology he issued to the woman and the support the club had given him.

With May’s career now at a cross roads his chances of playing with another club appear slim with no team yet requesting permission from the NRL for a new contract with May.

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