Pay Equality: Giving Women a Sporting Chance

For some it might have been a regular Tuesday, but for Australian women in the sporting landscape today marked a massive leap forward in their quest for pay equality. First it was the rugby league World Cup 9’s, and then Cricket Australia decided to get in on the act, with both organisations taking long overdue steps towards closing the gender pay gap in their sports.

First tt was announced that at this weekends World Cup 9’s tournament that all players would earn the same money for representing their nations, regardless of gender. Each player who laces up their boots, man or woman, and takes the field at BankWest Stadium will earn a cool $2000 for their efforts.

Not to be outdone, Cricket Australia announced today that it would see the Women’s T20 team could win the same level of prize as the mens team could earn at next years T20 World Cup. But this would involve topping up the base prize money awarded by the International Cricket Council at the tournament. The difference between the two being so vast that if both of our Mens’ and Womens’ teams won their respective tournaments, CA would still have to add another $885,000 just to make them equal.

Its a small step, but an important one in the ongoing fight for equal pay in Australia.

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