Partying In The Public Sphere

If the Beastie Boys knew one thing – it was that you have to fight for your right to party. The new episode of Behind The Scene is up and it’s all about fighting for your rights WHILE partying.

Thats right – using public space and free parties to communicate something big – like wealth inequality or climate justice. Who ever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Public space is a place to meet, exchange ideas and hang out with other human beings in a non-commercial setting. Parks and squares of a city are some of the only places you can relax without being inundated with advertising.

It is also an important place to air grievances. Citizens of a big city need places where their thoughts and opinions can be aired respectfully – and they need to know they can do this without fear of being reprimanded.

In the podcast we hear from Peter Strong who ran some very famous free parties in Sydney with a political bent in the 90’s. We also hear from someone that is putting on free musical events in public space at the moment. Good ideas don’t die!

One of the voices from this episode – Peter Strong. Photo Credit: Peter Strong