October is Buy Nothing New Month

Do you ever think about how much you buy per month? Are you buying things as new?

Well in October you are invited to participate in Buy Nothing New Month, where you do as much as you can to not purchase brand new items.

That doesn’t mean it is ‘don’t spend anything month’, it doesn’t mean that you should go without. It’s an encouragement for people everywhere to purchase nothing new, with the exception of essentials like food, hygiene and medicines. This means thrifting clothes from op shops instead of buying new items, and finding alternative ways to make less of a bad impression on the world.

Buy Nothing New Month is asking you to shape your attitude to think about how and why you purchase items. Start thinking “Do I really need it?” If I do, “can I get it second-hand, borrow it or rent it? What are my alternatives? Can I borrow from a friend? Can I swap with my neighbor?”

But Buy Nothing New Month doesn’t have to be just October, you can do this at any time.

Tamara Di Mattina joined Haylee and Rob on the Breakfast Show to talk about the initiative.

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