Ocean Alley on Cam & Danes: Northern Beaches Festival and Promises New Music Coming

Ocean Alley guitarist, Mitch Galbraith, today confirmed live on Cam and Danes that they have new music on the way and we are LOSING IT!

“We’re working on it. It will come out next year some time. But it’s a long process so we’ve been in and out of the studio just getting the ball rolling.”

Mitch Galbraith, Ocean Alley guitarist
Ocean Alley. Source: GiggedIn

The Ocean Alley boys are curating the all-ages music festival, A Day For The Beaches, smack bang in the middle of the Northern Beaches, at Narabeen’s Rat park, on the 16th of November.

This drug and alcohol free event is promoting inclusivity and has partnered with two local charities, One Eighty and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to make the day about more than just music.

The line-up for A Day For The Beaches includes Aussie bands Dear Seattle, Stumps, Eagle Eye Jones, Liquid Time, The Brights, Monkey Knife Fight and Butterbox.

The day will be packed full of food trucks, market and local art. YASS!! Click ‘attending’ here.

Mitch Galbraith chatted to Cam and Danes on Thursday 17th October, about A Day For the Beaches, pill testing in NSW and promised new music.

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